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Primary Categories

Step 1 Rigs (Weekend Warrior)

  • Vehicles in this category have minimum upgrades to operate safely on easy and moderate trails. 

  • Committee is looking for minimal bolt on upgrades, tires that are sensible for street/trail, and minimal trail damage.

  • Bumpers and minimal armor.

Step 2 Rigs (Offroad Enthusiast)

  • Vehicles in this category have more upgrades than the owner can remember.  These vehicles are built for moderate and hard trails. 

  • Committee is looking for complete upgraded suspensions, solid wheel/tire package, drivetrain upgrades, and possible minor trail damage.

  • Solid vehicle protection skid plates, rockers, and bumpers.

Step 3 Rigs (Trail King)

  • Vehicles in this category are made to conquer hard trails with ease and occasionally take on extreme areas.

  • Committee is looking for engine, suspension, drivetrain, and substantial tire upgrades.

  • Roll cage upgrades and armor to slam into significant obstacles and keep on rolling.

Step 4 Rigs (Offroad Legend)

  • The sky is the limit.  These vehicles are the pinnacle of offroad performance.  No trail is safe.

  • Committee is looking for extremely modified stock vehicles or complete from scratch builds.  Nothing is left untouched, and these vehicles are built for survival first not comfort. 


  • Open air vehicle purpose built from the manufacturer for offroad use only. 

  • Committee is looking for vehicles not marketed for on road use immediately after purchase.     

Secondary Categories

  • Themed Rig

  • Overland Supreme

  • Cleanest

  • Most Trail Damage

  • Biggest Tires

    • Smallest tires

  • Judge’s Favorite

  • Best Jeep

  • Best UTV/ATV

  • Best Rock Crawler

  • Best Truck

  • 2023 Best Vendor Display

  • 2023 Most Engaged Vendor

All Rigs Eligible Categories

  • Best in Show

  • Best in Show Runner Up

  • People’s Choice

  • Kid’s Choice


  1. No completely stock vehicles under 25 years may enter the competitive show.  For 2024 the cutoff is 1998.  Vendor and dealer vehicles do not apply.  Vehicles for Step 1 Rigs need to have 3 documented or visible upgrades to assist in off road use.  (Upgraded lighting counts as one upgrade no matter how many additional lights are on the vehicle.)

  2. Vehicles will be placed in the Primary Category by the expo committee.  The owner may recommend a category they believe it falls into.  Final decision on any contested category placement will fall to a consensus vote from the Dayton Off Road Expo Committee.  (Tire size helps but is not the only metric for category placement.)

  3. Voting for People’s Choice & Kid’s Choice run until 11am Sunday. 

  4. All show rigs will be given a judging information form to complete Friday at setup.  Completion of this information form will be critical to judging the vehicle.   

  5. Vehicles will be placed in primary categories based on upgrades and builds.  There will be no consideration based on vehicle’s original make.  Go customize a KIA, if it goes off road we will judge it!

Paid Show Rigs on display will be judged. Trophies for 1st and 2nd place will be awarded in the PRIMARY CATEGORIES listed above.  Trophies for 1st place will be awarded in the SECONDARY CATEGORIES listed above.  


If you would like your rig considered for our show click here.


**We reserve the right to re-classify, if needed**

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